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About Us

We are Teacher Professional Development

About Us

Welcome to Teacher Professional Development

We are thrilled to be able to support you in your teaching career and your classroom. 

We understand the demands of a teaching workload and the need to keep up with professional development. We also know you strive to create an engaging learning environment for your students. This is exactly why Teacher Professional Development was founded: to help teachers enjoy rewarding careers and create engaging classrooms.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to arm teachers with effective time-saving resources and skills, so they can enjoy work-life balance.

Our Vision

We want all students to grow and thrive. We want to play a part in helping to reduce educational inequality and disadvantage.

We’re here for you!

We’re passionate about supporting teachers. We’re trying to level out the work-life balance to help you sustain that love of teaching.

Professional development and classroom resources for teachers

Teacher Professional Development is a one-stop shop for teachers and educators to discover resources and courses for a wide variety of primary and secondary key learning areas. Most products are syllabus-based and designed to integrate into multiple state curricula. We have trained over 5000 teachers since 2016, and have saved over 3 million hours of our teachers’ time, taking care of their curriculum delivery planning and resource creation. It’s an honour to help so many teachers do what they do best.

But our motivation is far greater than just creating quality courses and resources!

Our mission is to arm teachers with effective time-saving resources and skills, so they can enjoy a work-life balance. We want to exceed the expectations of our teachers – because teachers go above and beyond in the classroom every day, and for that we say, thank you!

How we help teachers enjoy a rewarding career

We all want our students to grow and thrive. It’s the whole reason most of us become teachers! But we’re so busy – managing curriculum changes, keeping our skills up-to-date, and translating syllabi into meaningful lessons.

Work can quickly eat into personal time and lead to teacher burn-out.
At Teacher Professional Development, we’re trying to level out the work-life balance by taking one thing off your plate with our resources and worthwhile professional development courses. We ultimately want to help you sustain that love of teaching.

Most importantly, we’re here for you. (Yes – there are real people behind these resources!) We’re passionate about supporting teachers – you’ll hear it in our voices when you contact us about a product or watch us deliver our online courses. We assist you directly, answer your questions, and develop further resources based on your needs.


The Dream Team

Teacher Professional Development was founded in 2016 by Carly Middleton and Tresne Middleton. The duo brought Teacher Professional Development to life to support our hard-working teachers. They realised that nurturing our teachers makes for happier classrooms and contributes to positive learning outcomes. Carly and Tresne, along with the valued members behind Teacher Professional Development, aspire to help reduce educational inequality and disadvantage.



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