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Anzac Day

20 Anzac Day Activity Ideas For Students

Australia and New Zealand celebrate Anzac Day as a way to remember Australians and New Zealanders who fought and lost their lives in peacekeeping, military campaigns, and other conflicts. Every year on April 25, Australians and New Zealanders commemorate Anzac Day. Anzac Day marches, rosemary shrub planting, Anzac Day cookie baking, and sending postcards to the military are a few ideas for celebrating the holiday with students. These educational initiatives aim to teach pupils about the contributions made by veterans of the armed forces.
Here is a list of some Interesting Anzac Day Activities for students:

Anzac Day Art and Craft

Engage students in creating art and craft projects related to Anzac Day. This could include making poppies, creating Anzac Day posters, or even a class mural that represents themes of remembrance.

Writing Activities

Assign writing tasks such as essays, poems, or letters reflecting on the importance of Anzac Day. Students can explore the emotions, experiences, and impact of war on individuals and communities.

Virtual Guest Speakers

Arrange for virtual sessions with guest speakers, such as veterans, historians, or family members with connections to the military. This provides students with personal insights and firsthand accounts.

Anzac Day Assembly

Organize a school assembly to commemorate Anzac Day. Include student presentations, performances, and perhaps a moment of silence to honor those who served.

Anzac Day Ceremony

Facilitate a simple ceremony within the school, complete with the laying of wreaths, the playing of the Last Post, and observing a minute of silence. Invite local veterans or community members to participate.

Anzac Biscuit Bake-Off

Turn a cooking activity into a learning experience by organizing an Anzac biscuit bake-off. Discuss the historical significance of Anzac biscuits and their connection to the soldiers during wartime.

Interactive Learning Modules

Incorporate online interactive modules or educational games that focus on Anzac Day. These can be engaging and informative ways for students to learn about the historical context and events.

Service Learning Projects

Encourage students to engage in service learning projects that honor and support veterans or current service members. This could involve creating care packages, writing letters, or participating in community service initiatives.

Anzac Day Reflection Journals

Have students keep reflection journals where they can express their thoughts, feelings, and insights gained from learning about Anzac Day. This can be a personal space for self-expression.

Digital Storytelling

Incorporate technology by having students create digital stories or presentations using multimedia elements to share information about Anzac Day. This could include interviews, images, and historical footage.

Cross-Curricular Activities

Integrate Anzac Day themes into various subjects. For example, in mathematics, students could analyze statistics related to wartime, while in geography, they could explore the locations of key battles.

Anzac Day Quiz or Trivia

Host an Anzac Day quiz or trivia competition. This can be a fun way for students to test their knowledge while reinforcing key facts about Anzac Day.

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Community Involvement

Encourage students to participate in local Anzac Day events, parades, or ceremonies happening in the community. This fosters a sense of connection and community engagement.

Anzac Day Book Club

Establish an Anzac Day book club where students read and discuss literature related to war and the ANZAC experience. This can include fiction, non-fiction, and historical novels.

Collaborative Art Installation

Initiate a collaborative art project where students contribute pieces to create a larger installation. This can be displayed in the school or local community to commemorate Anzac Day.

Virtual Reality (VR) Experience

Explore virtual reality experiences or simulations that recreate historical events related to Anzac Day. This immersive approach provides a unique perspective on the challenges faced by soldiers.

Anzac Day Film Screening

Screen documentaries or films related to Anzac Day, ensuring that they are age-appropriate. Afterward, facilitate a discussion about the portrayals and messages conveyed.

Word jumbles

One of the most interesting brainteasers on Anzac Day is this one. Students must use provided jumbles to generate words related to Anzac Day. One of my students’ favorite games to play on Anzac Day is this one. Introduce word jumbles that might not necessarily form words to make the challenge more difficult. Students are prompted to use greater creativity in their thinking as they try to make sense of the deliberately jumbled words.

Flower pressing

For students, pressing flowers is a wonderful Anzac Day idea. Youngsters will make flower-adorned cards or bookmarks as a way to honor those who fought in the war. It could be necessary for you to buy a few bouquets or to instruct the kids to search a nearby garden for flowers.

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War Memorial Visit

Students can engage in an interactive learning experience about military history by visiting war memorials located throughout Australia and New Zealand. You might plan a trip to a nearby town to observe memorials, or you can arrange a group tour of the city’s military memorials.

Final Words

The Day serves as a poignant reminder for Australians and New Zealanders to honor and remember those who sacrificed their lives in various conflicts. Engaging students in meaningful activities not only imparts knowledge about the historical significance of Anzac Day but also instills a sense of gratitude and respect for the contributions of veterans.

By incorporating diverse activities such as art and craft projects, writing assignments, virtual sessions with guest speakers, and service learning projects, educators can create a comprehensive learning experience. These initiatives encourage students to reflect on the impact of war, understand the emotions associated with Anzac Day, and foster a deeper connection to their communities.

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