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Autumn Plants for the School Garden

Unless you are a gardening whiz, it can be difficult to know what herbs and vegetables to plant each season. Add to the fact you’re trying to maintain a school garden which can often be neglected, this can make determining what to plant in the school garden a bit of a challenge. Never fear though! We have complied a list of autumn plants for your school garden.


Coriander is best grown in conditions that aren’t too hot or too cold, making autumn a great time to plant coriander. If you plant coriander seeds in the school garden now, they should provide you with an excellent supply over the coming months. Just be sure to water your coriander regularly. If it dries out, the herbs will lose much of their flavour.

Spring onions

Spring onions are another great autumn plant for the school garden. They grow best in mild conditions, however, they can even grow through winter if you’re in a warmer environment. Keep your spring onions watered regularly and in a spot where they can enjoy the sun.


Now that the scorching heat of summer is behind us, autumn is a wonderful time to plant carrots. They can be a super simple vegetable to grow, as long as you provide them with optimal growing conditions. These autumn plants will need plenty of room to grow down into the soil. The soil should also be free of any rocks or stones to ensure they aren’t deformed. Also provide them with good drainage and you’re on your way to harvesting vibrant carrots in a few weeks.


The cooler temperatures make autumn a great time for planting parsley. Either the flat or curly leaf varieties of parsley will grow well in the school garden over the next couple of months, before slowing down in early winter. However, it is vital to ensure your parsley has good drainage and is not over or under watered.


Get planting some broccoli now ready for a winter harvest! Broccoli takes around 10 to 12 weeks to fully grow, making early autumn the perfect time to plant. Just make sure you leave enough room for each broccoli to grow and water them every few days.

We hope this list has provided you with some inspiration for autumn plants in your school garden!

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