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Benefits of Informal Assessment

As we approach the end of term, the opportune time for informal assessment is upon us. So, what are the benefits of informal assessment?

It’s coming up towards the end of term 1. This is a great time to think about conducting some informal assessment on your students. We know that given the huge demands on teachers these days, informal assessment can sometimes fall by the wayside. However, there are so many advantages to conducting informal assessments. So, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best benefits of informal assessment.

Informal assessment allows teachers to gauge student understanding

Conducting informal assessments gives you an opportunity to find out what your students know! By informally assessing students, you can discover whether each student in your class has a thorough understanding of the content you’ve covered throughout the term. It can give you an indication of which of your cherubs may need a little more attention and what topics may need to be revised by the whole class.

It gives students who don’t perform under pressure a chance to shine!

Performing informal assessments can also be beneficial for students! We all know some of our cherubs don’t perform well in exam conditions. Informal assessment gives them the perfect opportunity to tell you what they know! These students can recall their knowledge much more freely when they don’t feel pressure. Allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge to you in a stress-free environment also helps to boost their confidence, which may even translate into the exam room one day.

Informal assessment helps teachers sharpen assessment skills

Another benefit of informally assessing students is improving your own skills in assessment. Performing an informal assessment helps you to further develop your ability to translate your student’s capabilities into a specific grade. This skill will become invaluable to you as you gain more experience in assessment and progress in your career.

It allows teachers to write authentic reports

It’s undeniable. Assessing students can help us to get to know our students and their capabilities a little better. By conducting informal assessments more regularly throughout the year, we can learn more about our students and their content understanding as well. As our understanding of our students grows, so does our ability to write reports that truly reflect each of our cherubs.

We hope you have gained a greater understanding of the benefits of informal assessment and conduct more in your classroom this year!


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