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Benefits of Student Feedback

The thought of your students providing you with feedback can be a little daunting sometimes. You may worry about what your cherubs really think and there’s always the risk students won’t take the process seriously. There are so many benefits of student feedback, though, that might make you reconsider.

Student feedback can be a valuable source of information

Given teachers are often the main source of information in the classroom, it can be difficult for us to find our own fount of wisdom. That’s where student feedback comes in. The feedback given to you by your cherubs can provide you with valuable insights into their learning and your teaching. Students can say what they like or dislike about the content or teaching methods being used in your classroom. This will help you discover what works for individual students and the class as a whole, allowing you to develop a plan moving forward. This is why undertaking the student feedback process can be beneficial at the end of each term. Consider using Teacher PD’s End of Term Reflection Worksheet to understand your students’ needs going forward into next term.

You’ll receive honest responses

Another benefit of student feedback is honesty. Students may say one thing when you’re in a face-to-face setting but they may actually think something completely different. Anonymity allows students to say what’s on their minds without embarrassment. Consider allowing your cherubs to submit their feedback anonymously so you can find out how they really feel about their learning. Teacher PD’s free feedback resource, Tell the Teacher encourages student honesty through anonymity.

You can find out what needs revising

Sometimes you may think your cherubs have fully grasped new content but we know that’s not always the case. Student feedback can provide you with hints about your students’ understanding of the content you have covered. Through their individual responses, the class may tell you they don’t understand a specific concept. This can indicate to you the areas where your class may require more revision, allowing you to make the most of your revision time.

Student feedback can give you an opportunity to improve

Teachers don’t always receive the continual feedback that we provide to our students. For this reason, it can be difficult for us to know which areas of our own teaching may require improvement. Once again, enter student feedback. Your cherubs’ suggestions can give you those indications for self-improvement. While it may be difficult to accept student feedback, the ability to take constructive feedback on board can make you a more well-rounded professional. Using student feedback for self-improvement purposes may be a process to undertake once a year. Teacher PD’s Yearly Reflection Worksheet is ideal for this.

We hope this article has shed some light on the benefits of student feedback and inspired you to find out what’s on your cherubs’ minds!

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