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Hospitality – Perfecting Portfolios Resources

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Session 1

Pedagogical Practices

• ASQA and its role in the VET sector
• Portfolio learning intentions – quick reference samples to training package elements, knowledge and performance criteria
• What is quality evidence? What does it look like?
• Feedback and its importance for student journey and ASQA requirements
• Peer assessment strategies
• Teaching and learning strategies
• Links to current curriculum and NESA requirements
• Utilisation of Industry links/Supplementary Evidence Reports/Third Party Reports

Session 2

Technology Utilisation

• Time saving strategies in collecting evidence
• Technology software/applications to store and access photos and videos efficiently
• Quick fact sheet on utilisation eg. Trimming/cutting down videos, how to import photos to develop portfolio, annotations etc

Session 3

Simulated activity

• Evidence collection – peer assess/review in a simulated environment
• Connecting this evidence to training package requirements and rules of evidence checklist to ensure it is:
– Valid
– Authentic
– Sufficient
– Current
• An overview of sample teaching and learning resources provided and how to access these.

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Creator and Presenter Alicia is an enthusiastic Head Teacher who strives to engage all students in the classroom. She has taught in the TAS/VET faculty for over 12 years and enjoys her role as an educator. Alicia is passionate about making good practice better, and loves to share collaboratively with teachers and industry. Alicia has a range of experiences, she has won a National Teaching Award for her engaging pedagogical practices and has successfully trained student teams to victory in Regional culinary competitions. Alicia has also delivered at state conferences where she has mentored teachers across the state.

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