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Preliminary Design & Technology – Stage 6 Success Resources

· 1 June 2021

This course page is for people who have attended Preliminary Design & Technology – Stage 6 Success.

This page will give you access to the resources from the ‘course content’ tab below.


This course has been designed to assist teachers who are new to teaching Design and Technology or those who need a refresher.

Preliminary Design and Technology introduces students to design theory and practice as well as innovative design approaches. Participants will be given a variety of strategies to more effectively engage their students. Project ideas and portfolio structures will be discussed in depth, catering for all types of school facilities as well teacher experience.

Designers at Work

  • Participants will be introduced to Standford’s Design Thinking. This is a methodology for creative problem solving. Students can use this as a framework for developing their project ideas.
  • Examples of Design Thinking scaffolds, strategies and designers case studies will be addressed.
  • Participants will learn various ways to assist students in researching effectively.

Creative Approaches to Design

  • Participants will explore a range of creative approaches to solving design problems.
  • Participants will learn ways to incorporate collaboration into their programs and lessons.
  • Participants will learn practical ways to address production processes in domestic, community, industrial and commercial settings.

Projects and Portfolios Unpacked

  • Participants will gain a range of project ideas as well as being able to brainstorm ideas with fellow colleagues.
  • Various portfolio scaffolds will be discussed as well as online tools to use throughout the design process.

Projects and Portfolios Unpacked

  • Participants will learn ways to specifically teach the verbs.
  • Participants will learn how to use the syllabus not only in their planning but also in their lessons.
  • Online tools for revision will also be discussed.
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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
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