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Key Word Success Initiative Premium

· 15 July 2021

Key word success is a whole school initiative that increases student and teacher key word knowledge.

Welcome to the Key Word Success Initiative.

The Key Word Success Initiative has been designed to help NSW secondary students develop a greater understanding of the NESA Key Words. Ultimately, this will help to improve student literacy, syllabus comprehension and academic results throughout all KLAs.

This initiative is inclusive of over 100 valuable resources to help you teach your students about the NESA key words. These resources have been organised into lessons for the introductory week, each of the 36 key words, a revision week and an evaluation week. These lessons are a guide only so feel free to use these resources in the way that best suits your school or students.

Head to the next lesson to download the ZIP file, including all resources available for Key Word Success.

If you have any questions or need any assistance throughout the course, you can call us on 02 4023 4879 during office hours, or email  [email protected]

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  • 40 Lessons
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