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Online Captivate Year 10 Food Technology

· 18 June 2021

Welcome to Online Captivate Year 10 Food Technology.

To begin, please scroll to the bottom of this page where you will find all the lesson pages under the heading ‘Course Content’.

Click ‘Welcome and Resource Zip Files’ to be taken to the course page to download the resources and course Powerpoint.

Be sure to click ‘Mark Complete’ at the end of each lesson to open up the next.

If you have any questions or need any assistance throughout the course, you can call us on 02 4023 4879 during office hours, or email  [email protected]

Enjoy the course!

Scroll to the bottom to view and gain access to the lesson pages and course files.

Module 1: Intro and Syllabus Changes

  • Syllabus changes
  • Opportunities for Project Based Learning
  • Scope and sequence

Module 2: Food Service and Catering

  • Food Service and Catering highlights
  • Food Service and Catering Assessment Task
  • Food Service and Catering recipe ideas

Module 3: Food for Specific Needs

  • Food for Specific Needs run down
  • Food for Specific Needs Assessment Task
  • Food for Specific Needs recipe ideas

Module 4: Food for Special Occasions

  • Food for Special Occasions focus
  • Food for Special Occasions Assessment Task
  • Food for Special Occasions recipe ideas

Module 5: Food Trends

  • Food Trends features
  • Food Trends Assessment Task
  • Food Trends recipe ideas

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Course Includes

  • 30 Lessons
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