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The Happiness Mission has been creating and delivering resources and Teacher PD since 2016. Our mission is to arm teachers with effective time-saving resources and skills, so they can enjoy work-life balance. We want exceed the expectations of our teachers – because teachers go above and beyond in the classroom every day. And for that we say, thank you!


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Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully Resources

· 18 June 2021

This course page allows you access to the Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully Resources.

Click on the ‘Course Content’ tab below.

Then click the drop down arrow to reveal the links. Click the link to be taken to the resource page. There you will find a digital copy of all the resources you can download as a zip file. 

Session 1 – Australian Food Industry

Learn how to help students choose companies successfully for their case study. Teachers will receive a scaffold for creating the assessment sheet and a sample case study. Discover simple ways to teach emerging technologies and policy and legislation. Mnemonics, posters and starter/plenary activities will assist this.

Session 2 – Food Manufacturing

Participants will learn efficient ways to teach students food manufacture content through practical lessons and experimentation. Participants will receive an easy method to teach the sustainability of packaging. Suggestions for assessment tasks will also be shared. Ideas for starter/ plenary exercises to prepare students for food manufacture components of the exam will also be covered.

Session 3 – Food Product Development

Learn the best way to approach SWOT analysis on a number of popular companies.Discover how to create a scaffold for students to implement the process of creating their own food design brief and development. Suggestions for practical tasks will be shared in order to cover food product development syllabus outcomes.

Session 4 – Contemporary Nutrition Issues

Participants will learn the best way to independently research a health group and how to assist students to propose a health strategy for the group. Learn an easy way to teach students ‘active non-nutrients’ which can be a subject students struggle with.

Session 5 – Exam Preparation Techniques

The HSC Food Technology exam is 3 hours and requires a great deal of preparation. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of what the exam entails and how to adequately prepare their students. Suggestions for fun starter and plenary activities will be shared as well as study tips for students and posters for visual learners. The weekly homework book suggestion with marking criteria will be shared as well as learning intentions and success criteria as an explicit way of teaching the course.

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