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The Happiness Mission has been creating and delivering resources and Teacher PD since 2016. Our mission is to arm teachers with effective time-saving resources and skills, so they can enjoy work-life balance. We want exceed the expectations of our teachers – because teachers go above and beyond in the classroom every day. And for that we say, thank you!


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Technology Mandatory Digital Research Task – Emerging Technologies

· 18 June 2021

A quality common task and online course that can be used across all four content areas in Technology Mandatory to use as an assessment or a research task. This online course and resource covers emerging technologies in Agriculture and Food, Digital Technologies, Engineered Systems and Material Technologies- Textiles. This course also comes with a PowerPoint and Common Task for Technology Mandatory.Offering fantastic value, this pack comes with a PowerPoint containing videos, information and links which can be used directly with students in face to face lessons or uploaded onto a learning platform of your choice to share with students. 

Pack includes:

  • 30 minute online emerging technology video.
  • PowerPoint presentation containing 15 emerging technologies and links.
  • Common Task suitable to all Technology Mandatory content areas (4 page student research task).
  • Marking Criteria.
  • Common Task scaffold exemplar response.
  • Reference list to gain further information about each technology.
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Course Includes

  • 4 Lessons
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