Technology Mandatory – Engineered Systems Resources

· 18 June 2021

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Session 1 – Identify and define design problems/opportunities
  • Review how technologies evolve and the role of engineering design.
  • Apply design principles and processes to investigate needs and opportunities
  • Evaluate how different constraints, eg: cultural, economic, sustainability, ect impact on design solutions.
Session 2 – Researching and planning a design solutions
  • Investigate how force, motion and energy operate within engineered systems to optimise design solutions.
  • Ideate using design thinking techniques to develop students critical and creative thinking skills.
  • Explore how sketching, modelling and CAD are used in engineering design to communicate design solutions.
Session 3 – Producing and Implementing prototypes
  • Apply engineering principles – including electrical circuits/microcontroller elements* – to produce a prototype. *Option for integrating unit with digital technologies.
  • Build your prototype, to take back to the classroom
Session 4 – Testing and evaluating designs
  • Develop effective experiments and testing procedures to evaluate engineered systems.
  • Assess and give feedback relevant to design criteria to justify suitability of design.
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