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TEXTILES – Design & Drawing Workshop Part 2 Resources

· 18 June 2021

Thank you for attending TEXTILES – Design & Drawing Workshop Part 2.

Here you will find a digital copy of all the resources you received on the day.


A practical one-day workshop divided into three sessions. Ideal to have completed TEXTILES- DESIGN AND DRAWING WORKSHOP PART 1 but not compulsory.

Suitable for textile teachers across all stages, who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the areas of production drawing and fashion illustration, in line with current industry practices. Participate in practical drawing and rendering activities over the course of the day in design, production and illustration and walk away with an abundance of evidence you have created that is guaranteed to inspire and engage your students.


Session 1 – Fashion Illustration and Rendering- Festival Ready
  • Fashion Illustration introduction- sketching garments onto 10 head figures, analysing the face/hair/accessorie
  • Festival Ready- Illustration 1. Experimenting with light source and Print rendering play
  • Illustration 2. Lace/sheer garments for rendering- imitation and scaling
Session 2 – Production Drawing- Denim Essentials
  • Intro to Production Drawing- Design analysis, tools, templates, tips /span>
  • Back to Basics drawing activities for bag/clutch and garment
  • Experimenting with denim Rendering techniques
Session 3 – Gloss and Gleam- Presentation of work
  • Illustration 3. Shine and sequin rendering
  • Experimenting with fur rendering
  • Presentation of work- Building your corkboard using your fashion and production drawings, reference pictures and fabric samples from the day
  • Take home fashion templates, illustration reference notes and experimentation work from the day for your reference
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Course Includes

  • 2 Lessons
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