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Ruth Fellowes


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The Unwanted Story Behind Food Additives Online

· 18 June 2021

Welcome to Online Learning with Google Classroom .

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“The unwanted story behind food additives online course”. A 3-part series that builds on the basic knowledge in the “What’s happened to our foods” videos.

This advanced series investigates the reasons why there is controversy over the use of certain additives and summarises the research that raises concerns over adverse effects on health.

Handouts with suggested classroom activities meeting specific learning outcomes under food product development, with additional online resources to access.

Bonus 7 part mini-series “ What’s happened to our foods? Be Additive Smart.” A simple introduction to the topic of additives and their side effects in people. Learn what they are, where the problem ones are likely to be found, and how to know if they are causing adverse reactions.


Module 1

Why use food additives, the nutrition transition, controversy over food additives, food additives could be causing harm.

Module 2

The potential effects of additives on health: allergies and cancers.

Module 3

The potential effects of additives on health: child health, hyperactivity/ADHD

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Course Includes

  • 13 Lessons
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