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Work effectively with others with Google Classroom

· 20 May 2021

This course page allows you to access Work effectively with others with Google Classroom.

The Google Classroom learning platform is used to deliver competency Work effectively with others (BSBWOR203). This will save you time with the application of this user-friendly platform which is equipped and ready to implement with your students once access is granted.

Over 30 resources and explicit teaching strategies are set up in this platform and are categorised under each element from the training package. This material is all ready to go for your students and includes a variety of teaching strategies from posters, YouTube clips, workbooks, games, to examination response practice and revision.

The teaching and learning program has been carefully mapped with training package elements and NESA syllabi dot points to enable you to cover all areas within your delivery of content.

If you are not using Google Classroom, download the resource and apply it to your learning platform eg Canvas or Microsoft Teams.

Once downloaded your classroom will be ready within 48 hours upon completion of the request form and Google account details. This download entitles you to 10 days of technical support in getting this set up for you and your students.

*Note if you are a private school the time in getting this set up may take a little longer, this will be dependent upon access.

Pack Includes: 

  • Unit of work/Program (work effectively with others) (10 pages)
  • Study guide (30 page)
  • Cheatsheet – PDF Download and edit answer questions and Google Classroom
  • Fact sheet – Digital Citizenship and Internet Etiquette.
  • Course requirements and essay practice booklet (15 pages)
  • Posters – Communication x 2 (communication types, effective communication, use of effective questioning, barriers to effective communication and points to consider)
  • A variety of YouTube clips – topics such as nonverbal communication, effective questioning, active listening, HSC advice, communication in the workplace and why customer service matters just to name a few.
  • BONUS – 10 days Technology Support
  • Interactive Poster – Communication process. (Cut out and laminate to create a game to emphasise learning intention.
  • Games – on communication, conflict and teamwork
  • Poster – Feedback (Sources – personal reflection, formal/informal, direct/indirect, failure in responding and value of feedback on industry, individual worker and workplace.)
  • Hospitality Industry Handbook
  • Workflow and Standard Recipe Card (SRC) examples
  • Poster – the importance of teamwork (definitions, industry examples and characteristics of teamwork)
  • Poster – Conflict (how to handle conflict and how it arises, steps to follow) & EEO
  • Annotation marks to assist in revising key elements of syllabi

Relevant to:

Certificate II Hospitality SIT20316

Certificate II Kitchen Operations SIT20416

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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons
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