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Creating Happiness

This year's International Day of Happiness is approaching. So, we've come up with some tips for creating happiness in your life!

This year’s International Day of Happiness is coming up this weekend. There are so many horrible incidents happening around the world at the moment which are saddening and mentally exhausting. Add this on top of the huge workloads being experienced by teachers at the moment, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the things that make us happy. So, we have put together some tips for creating happiness in your life.

Take up a hobby

Enjoying a hobby can help you to unwind and forget about what is going on in the world. Hobbies engage your mind and keep you concentrated, allowing you to stay present and preventing you from thinking about other stresses in your life. There are plenty of exciting hobbies you can take up including reading, journaling, knitting or crocheting, painting or drawing; the list is endless!


Taking some time out of your day to meditate can be very beneficial for your mental health. Meditation can help you to focus on the present and reduce any negative emotions you may be feeling. It can also help you to better manage stressful experiences in your life which could help you down the track.

Celebrate the good times

Acknowledging the good things that are happening in your life is a sure way to create more happiness. Celebrating your achievements or events such as birthdays can remind you not everything in the world is doom and gloom. You can also make a habit of recalling one good thing about your day each day. Practising gratitude for the simple things can lift your mood and can help you maintain your happiness long term.


Physical exercise releases happy hormones! Exercise causes the release of endorphins and serotonin which lift your mood and even your concentration. If you can find a type of exercise that doubles as a hobby, then you’re well on your way to creating happiness in your life!

Socialise with friends

Taking some time out to talk to your friends is a great way to boost your happiness. Meeting up for a coffee or even chatting to friends over the phone is a great way to talk about the things in your life that may be difficult or stressful. Chances are your friends are feeling the same way and you will all feel happier for having shared your experiences with one another.

We hope these tips can help you in creating happiness in your life!


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