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Effectively Using Your Term Planner

Term 1 of the new school year is coming up fast so it’s time to start thinking about getting organised! Teacher PD’s free term planner is a great place to start your organisation. It provides space for you to write down all the things you need to remember throughout the term. However, making the most of the planner is a challenge in itself, so here are seven tips for effectively using you term planner!

Download the planner

The first step to effectively using your term planner is, of course, downloading it! We have planners available for each Australian state and territory and you can grab your copy here.

Print multiple copies

We recommend you make at least two copies of our term planner. One A4 copy to keep in your diary and an A3 copy to keep on your classroom or staffroom wall. By having two copies, you will always have your planner on you, whether you’re at school or at home. You could also print a second A3 copy to keep in your classroom for your students to refer to.

Laminate the planner

Laminating your planner will not only keep it looking nice throughout the entire term, but it will also allow you to make adjustments to any details that may change. Using a fine-tip whiteboard marker on your laminated planner will make changing details even easier.

Write down everything

If there’s one piece of advice to take on board for effectively using your term planner, it’s to write everything down! Record all your meetings, due dates for assessment tasks and exam periods. Your term planner can also be used to record personal events as well such as birthdays or appointments.

Also, don’t be afraid to use the back of the term planner to record any goals you want to set for yourself or to write down any important notes you may have.

Colour code

Not only does colour coding your term planner make it look super pretty, it enhances your organisation! Choose a different coloured pen to write down your meetings, assessment task due dates, exam periods and personal appointments.

Alternatively, you can use different coloured highlighters to make the colour even more evident. The different colours can act as a visual aid, helping you to identify when your important dates are coming up.

Cross off the days as you go

There’s nothing better than crossing off days on the calendar to feel a sense of accomplishment, so why not do that with your term planner?! Use your favourite stamp or stickers to cross off the days, events and important dates on your term planner as they pass.

Look at it every day

There’s no point to putting all this hard work into effectively using your term planner if you forget to use it! Make sure taking a look at your term planner is part of your daily routine. You could schedule some time to glance over your planner each day such as when you arrive in your classroom.

We hope these tips for effectively using your term planner will help you stay organised this term!

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