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Encouraging Messages for NAPLAN

NAPLAN is upon us again and it can cause some stress for students. So, here are some encouraging messages you can share with your students.

NAPLAN is upon us again. Our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students are preparing to sit the exams, starting next week, to demonstrate their skills in literacy and numeracy. The idea behind NAPLAN is to provide a snapshot of how the nation’s children are performing in these areas, however, it can be a cause of some stress for our cherubs. We want our students to be as confident as possible heading into next week, so, here are some encouraging messages for NAPLAN you can share with your cherubs ahead of the exams.

‘This exam result does not define you’

Let your students know that even if they perform poorly during the test, it’s not going to have an impact on the rest of their lives. Tell them that life goes on after the test. Remind them it will one day be a distant memory and they won’t even remember their score. This will help your cherubs to realise the tests and their results aren’t the end of the world.

‘Try not to stress. Being relaxed will help you perform better’

It’s been proven that being stressed in a pressure-filled situation such as an exam can affect your performance. When we’re stressed, our bodies produce more of the hormone cortisol which can make our brains forget old knowledge to make more room for new knowledge. This is why our minds tend to go blank when we’re stressed during exams.

Tell your students that you know it will be hard to not be stressed during the exams and in the lead up, but it will be to their advantage to keep their stress under control. Run them through some stress management techniques such as deep breathing and meditation in the days leading up to NAPLAN. If they can maintain some control over their stress, they will perform better in the exam room.

‘Your best is all is that is required’

Tell your students that you are not expecting them to pull off a miraculous result in the NAPLAN tests. While some students are capable of achieving high-level scores in these exams, many other students may not be. By telling your cherubs that you only expect them to put their best efforts into the exams, it will help to alleviate some of the pressure they are likely to be feeling.

‘This is not a test you can study for, but you already have the skills to ace it’

While there are ways to prepare for the NAPLAN tests, students cannot simply study set content in order to ready themselves for the exams. However, make sure your students know that they have been preparing for the tests throughout their schooling lives without even realising it. Reminding your cherubs that they’ll only be tested on general literacy and numeracy concepts will help to boost their confidence.

‘I’ll still be there to support you even if you don’t perform well’

This is one of the most important messages you can give your students ahead of the exams. These encouraging messages for NAPLAN will show them you’re not going to be disappointed in them if their results aren’t as good as they had hoped. Your cherubs will appreciate the feeling of support you give to them and will likely feel more relaxed going into the exam room as a result.

We hope these encouraging messages for NAPLAN go a long way to boosting your students’ confidence ahead of the testing period. We wish you and your students good luck!


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