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Health Benefits of Chilli

It's International Chilli Day today and we have discovered some of the health benefits of the spicy fruit.

It’s International Chilli Day today! The chilli is a fruit in the nightshade family which packs a punch in the flavour department. Chilli can be used in a variety of recipes or can be added to a meal to add an intense flavour. We might not use much chilli in the school kitchen but chilli can make a great addition to your meals at home because they are so good for you! Here are just some of the health benefits of chilli.

Chillies are Low Calorie

Chillies are super low in calories! 15 grams of fresh chilli has as little as 6 calories, making them great for those who are looking to add flavour to a meal without the guilt. Chillies also have low carb, sugar and fat contents, making them even healthier!

Chillies Can Promote Weight Loss

Another of the health benefits of chilli is its ability to assist with weight loss. Chillies contain a neuropeptide called capsaicin which increases our ability to burn fat. It can also help to reduce our appetite and increase our metabolism, also promoting weight loss.

Chillies Can Reduce Inflammation and Act as a Pain Reliever

A chilli’s capsaicin provides even more health benefits than just promoting weight loss. It can also desensitise the body’s pain receptors. While this helps us to become less sensitive to pain caused by acid reflux, for example, it is also what enables us to better tolerate the heat of chilli over time. Additionally, the capsaicin can inhibit peptides in the body that cause irritation and swelling. Therefore, chilli can be good for reducing the pain caused by achy muscles, headaches and even arthritis.

Chillies Can Boost Immunity

Chillies are packed full of vitamin A and C, making them super healthy! Vitamins A and C can help to boost your immunity and help you to fight off colds and flus more easily. Chillies also have the ability to help the body fight off bacteria that can cause infection. How cool!

We hope you’ve learnt something new about the health benefits of chilli and will consider adding it to your next meal!


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