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Hybrid Burgers for Food Technology

It’s International Hamburger Day, what better excuse to eat a delicious burger! Here are 7 hybrid burgers to try in Food Technology.

It’s International Hamburger Day today, meaning we have the perfect excuse to eat a delicious burger in celebration of the classic dish! Burgers have certainly come a long way in recent decades. It’s thought the burger originated in Germany, where beef products were considered a delicacy in the city of Hamburg. While this appears to be a precursor to burgers, the burgers of today didn’t develop until after German immigrants brought their beef products with them to the United States, where they became the food we know and love.

These days, burgers have become almost like their own art form, where the bigger the burger and the tastier the burger, the better. Even though a traditional burger is tasty, there are also some recipes that put a twist on the original. Try some of these hybrid burgers for Food Technology in class today to celebrate International Hamburger Day!

Pizza burger

This burger would be a good option for those takeaway nights where you can’t decide whether to order a burger or a pizza! This recipe swaps out the traditional burger bun and replaces it with actual pizza slices, while the fillings include the essential meat patties, lettuce and pickles. This hybrid burger may be too big to eat on your own, but it could be perfect for sharing among your Food Technology class.

Sushi burger

This sushi burger could be a healthier alternative to traditional burgers that you could cook with your Food Technology class. The sushi burger replaces the burger bun with rice and it is filled with nutritious ingredients including salmon, avocado and cucumber. It may also be a great way to introduce your cherubs to cooking diverse dishes.

Lasagne burger

This burger collides the two tasty worlds of burgers and delectable pasta! Thankfully though, it doesn’t include actual pasta. The burger does, however, include the ricotta and spaghetti sauce that makes lasagne so iconic.

Ramen burger

This is a burger that does include noodles. The ramen burger actually replaces the traditional burger bun with noodles that have been shaped into a bun. The fillings also represent the traditional ingredients of a ramen dish, including an egg, bok choy and spring onions as well as adding the all-important hamburger patty.

Hamburger quesadilla

Instead of turning another dish into a hamburger, this recipe incorporates the elements of burgers. The hamburger quesadilla is just like a traditional quesadilla, except it also includes a hamburger patty. You could even change this recipe to hamburger tacos or hamburger burritos, swapping out the traditional protein in these dishes for a hamburger patty.

Doughnut burger

If you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth, this might be the burger for you! This doughnut bacon cheeseburger puts a sweet touch on the classic cheeseburger by replacing the bun with a glazed doughnut. We’ll let you and your cherubs be the judge on this one!

Nutella burger

This Nutella burger would be a good option for those seeking dessert. The Nutella burger, as the name suggests, includes Nutella, strawberries, ice-cream and Oreos squeezed between a brioche bun. Yum!

We hope these recipes have inspired you to cook some yummy hybrid burgers in Food Technology this International Hamburger Day!


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