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Icebreaker Resources

It’s that time of year again when students are returning to the classroom. They’re back for the challenge of moving up a year level, starting new classes and making new friends. However, some students can find starting a new class and meeting new people difficult. And let’s be honest, even some of us teachers find it tricky to remember the names of all our new students. Don’t worry though, icebreaker resources can help to solve this problem! Teacher PD has a range of fun and engaging icebreaker resources to help you and your students learn about everyone in your new classes!

Fact Swap

Fact Swap is a free icebreaker resource! Students can pair up and use the worksheet to record six facts about their partner. Students then share what they have just learnt about their newfound friend to the class!

Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You is an engaging, ad-lib style activity where students fill in the blanks in the passages. Students record some of their favourite things and their hobbies on the worksheet, allowing you to get to know them better!

General Capabilities and Icebreaker Activity Pack

This is one of our most fun icebreaker resources! This General Capabilities and Icebreaker Activity Pack includes the engaging activities Human Bingo Icebreaker and Share Bear. Also included are 40 formative assessment slips which allow you to determine whether your students are meeting general capabilities. This one is a win-win for you and your students!

Summer Holiday Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun icebreaker activity where students move around the classroom to find answers to their Summer Holiday Scavenger Hunt questions. Once the scavenger hunt is complete, students can share their answers and discover who they have most in common with!

Match Up Meeting

Students can get out of their seats with this engaging icebreaker resource! The Match Up Meeting cards are handed out to each student. They can then find their card pair and answer the questions inside to learn more about one another.

Friendly Facts

Students can get to know a little about everyone in the class with Friendly Facts! Students move around the classroom to talk with each member of the class. They can then record one fact about each classmate on the Friendly Facts worksheet. Even better, this resource helps you to determine whether students can share information with peers as part of ACARA Personal and Social Capabilities!

We hope these icebreaker resources can help you get to know your new students and your students get to know each other!

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