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Instructor/Course Seller Guide

Instructor Online Course Seller Guide

Online Course Builder and Dashboard

Log in and access your Instructor Dashboard HERE.

In your Instructor Dashboard you can view your overall course statistics. 

Upload or build a new course, edit existing courses, create lessons, topics, assignments, certificates and quizzes.

Course Page

The course page content area is where you add a course title, description and featured image for your course. This is what people will see before they enroll (or purchase) the course.

Your course will automatically display a course content table with a list of lessons, topics & quizzes associated with the course below your course description. Course page content is your own custom information that will be displayed as soon as the page is loaded, immediately underneath the “Course” tab.


Section Headings

Section headings provide a simple way to break your course into sections. They don’t contain any actual content, and are simply a text-only heading that can be placed between any two lessons. They work in a similar fashion to chapters in a book.


Aside from section headings, lessons will likely be the first type of content you’ll want to add to your course. You can create brand new lessons directly from the course builder. Or create a lesson from the lesson section of your dashboard and allocate it to a course. Then drag and drop the order of your course.


Course Materials

Course materials are supplemental materials needed for your course. It is most common to include PDF files or other downloadable files in this area, but you can include anything you’d like (PDFs, images, downloadable audio files, links to other websites, etc.).

Please Note: Course materials from this section are shown to all users (even those not enrolled in the course)

Course Certificate

You may want to provide a certificate to users who complete a course. There are a few things to keep in mind:

You need to create a certificate first, before it will appear in this list.
The certificate will become available after the user has completed all steps (lessons, topics & quizzes) associated with the course.
Once available, a button will appear on the course page for the user to download their certificate.

Course Content

The course content setting determines who can see the list of lessons, topics & quizzes that make up your course.

This does not affect the content that you add to the  editor on the course page, course content section. That content will be displayed to everyone.

  • Always visible (default)
    Display list to everyone, whether or not they are enrolled in the course.
  • Only visible to enrollees
    Only display the list to users enrolled in the course.

If you choose Always visible, and a non-enrolled user tries to access a lesson, topic or quiz, they will not be able to click on it, and will see a message that says, “You don’t currently have access to this content.”

Course Access Mode

Select ‘Closed’, the course will then link up to your course product on the ecommerce platform. 

Access mode is how you determine the way in which someone can gain access to a course (completely free, free with registration required, one-time payment, recurring subscription, etc.). 

Course Progression

As the course creator, it’s up to you how you want to let your users navigate through your course. You have two options:

  • Linear (default)
    Requires the user to progress through course steps in the order in which you’ve laid them out. They cannot jump around and skip lessons, topics or quizzes. Ex: A user must finish the first lesson before they can take the second one.
  • Free form
    Allows the user to freely move through the course steps and view the content. If there are any steps within a step ( such as Lesson -> Topic ) the topic under the lesson must be completed first before the lesson can be completed.
Share Course

Add another Instructor to your course to make them a co-author. The co-author then has access to the edit course content, enrolled users details, results, and more. Everything associated with that course are then shared with any co-author’s.

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