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Mid-Term Check In

It's the middle of term and a fantastic time to check in with your students. Here are some tips for a successful mid-term check in!

We’ve reached the middle of term 2. This is a great time to hold a mid-term check in with your students. There are many benefits to checking in with your students mid-term, from receiving valuable feedback from your cherubs to providing them with assessment reminders. Here are some tips for successfully checking in with your students in the middle of term.

Provides you with insight into student abilities and attitudes

The middle of the term gives you an opportunity to find out how your students are feeling about their classes and whether they are understanding the term’s content. You can obtain this valuable feedback from your cherubs by asking them a few quick questions at the end of class. Simply use Teacher PD’s free Mid-Term Check In resource to discover this information. The feedback given to you by students will provide you with an insight into how they are coping with the term’s work. It may also be helpful when writing report comments in the coming weeks.

Allows you to understand how to progress through the rest of term

Finding out what your students think of the term so far can allow you to help your students get the most out of the remaining five weeks. You can do this by playing a simple game of Best and Worst. Ask your cherubs to tell you what they think is the best lesson they’ve had so far and the worst. You will receive instant feedback about the content students are most interested in and any tasks or activities they enjoyed more than others. You can use this information to help keep your students engaged for the rest of the term.

Provides your students with motivation to work hard

Not only can you use a mid-term check in to gain feedback from students but you can also use it as an opportunity to motivate them for the rest of the term. Encourage your cherubs to stay on track with their hard work or good behaviour with rewards or incentives. This works particularly well with practical subjects such as Food Technology, Visual Arts or Music. You can motivate students by offering them an end of term practical lesson if they meet your requirements. If your subject is theory heavy, you can use incentives such as a fun syllabus-based activity or game instead. Teacher PD has a range of fun games and activities available for many subjects here.

Creates an opportunity for assessment reminders

Most of our classes have some students who work diligently on their assessments after receiving them and other students who forget or leave them to the last minute. A mid-term check in is a great opportunity to remind your cherubs of their upcoming assessment tasks and get them back on track! It’s also a great time for students to ask questions about their assessments or revise assessable content. You can use Teacher PD’s Assessment Revision resource at this time to allow students to refresh their memories and ask questions about the task.

We hope these tips have inspired you to have a mid-term check in with your students this week!


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