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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is coming up this weekend, so here are some gift ideas to give the special woman in your life!

Mother’s Day is around the corner again! Teachers deserve to be extra spoilt on Mother’s Day. Not only are we mums to our own kids but we’re often mother figures for many of our students as well. In our opinion, that makes us very deserving of a lovely Mother’s Day gift! We have plenty of wonderful Mother’s Day ideas no matter whether you’re on the hunt for a gift for your own mum, hoping to show her how much you love and appreciate her or whether you’re dropping hints to your own family!

Pamper box

A pamper box is a fantastic way to gift your mum, or the special woman in your life, some self-care items. Get a small gift box or basket and fill it with pampering and relaxing items. You could throw in some slippers, a bath bomb, an eye mask, a hand cream or a candle she loves.

Grazing box or platter

Spoil your mum with some of her favourite foods! Grazing platters or boxes are pretty simple to put together yourself. Grab some cheese, biscuits, cold meats, fruit or whatever food she likes and follow the tips here to put together a professional looking spread. Otherwise, you may find a café or caterer in your local area who will put one together for you!

Anything cosy

We’re coming into the end of autumn and the cooler weather is starting to set in so Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to gift some winter woollies! Think dressing gowns, slippers, scarves, trackies, socks; they’re all wonderful gift ideas for this time of year.

Homemade vouchers

Homemade coupons are a great idea if you want to treat your mum to a day out for Mother’s Day.  This is perfect if you want to take her out to lunch, the movies or on an outing that you can’t get traditional vouchers for. You can even design the voucher yourself for free on a program like Canva to add your own personal touch. You could also suggest your kids make you homemade vouchers for Mother’s Day which will allow you to take a break from some household chores you’re always doing!

Gardening items

If your mum is a bit of a green thumb, gardening items may be the present to pick for her! Instead of getting her a bunch of flowers for Mother’s Day this year, consider making her a bouquet of seeds and any small gardening tools she may need. This will allow her to plant the seeds and enjoy the flowers for much longer than she would with a traditional bunch of flowers. It also gives you the opportunity to pick out the seeds of the flowers your mum loves the most!

Family photograph

Mums always love to receive photos of their family so it makes for the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Take an updated family photo, place it in a beautiful frame and you’ve got a lovely present. Alternatively, if photos are not your thing, you could always create an artwork or craft item, like embroidery, to give to your mum on Mother’s Day.

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiring Mother’s Day gift ideas!

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