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5 Tips to Motivate Students

What can teachers do to get students back to focusing on their learning? We have 5 tips to motivate students in the classroom this year!

The cherubs are about to return to the classroom, but we all know their minds are still firmly on the holidays. So, what can teachers do to get them back to focusing on their learning? We have 5 tips to motivate students in the classroom this year!

1. Set goals

Get your cherubs to set goals each term and reflect on them at the end of term. This helps them keep track of their progress throughout the year. You can help them in the reflection process by keeping a record of your students’ goals so you can remind them what they are working towards. Goal setting and reflection is especially crucial for your senior students as they work towards the HSC and achieving their dreams.

2. Promote a motivated approach

Continually remind your cherubs that putting in the effort now can help them reach their goals after school, whether that be getting a trade, going to university or other tertiary learning, or even starting their own business. Inspire your cherubs with your own stories, and stories of successful people. Sharing a variety of examples of people who have risen up despite the odds and achieved their goals can often stay with students long after your lessons.

3. Encourage and reward improvement

Once a pattern of continual improvement is established, students will be more likely to want to seek improvement. Rewarding students could be as simple as taking a moment to tell that student you have noticed their effort, or it could be a brief letter home to a parent. You could keep a prize box and fill it with goodies like cheap cooking utensils, tea towels, stationery, stickers, and quirky knick-knacks.

4. Allow choice

Giving students a choice in how they learn allows them to tailor the work to their learning style and could prompt them to take greater ownership of their learning goals. Often it could be as simple as a choice of questions to answer, or whether they would like to attempt an extension activity. Choice in various ingredients in practical lessons is always favoured by students too. The autonomy could also make them more productive workers.

5. Be your amazing self

Students are more likely to engage in learning when their teachers are relatable. Your cherubs know when you are enjoying the lesson, and when you are teaching something you are truly passionate about. Build positive rapport with your students by helping them see that you are a person first, and a teacher second. Allow them to see that you care about their education and their wellbeing and watch as your cherubs reciprocate.

While it can be difficult to motivate students, particularly after the summer holidays, it is worth sticking with it. Give these five tips a go to hopefully get your cherubs on the right track towards being motivated and productive learners


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