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National Lamington Day

It's National Lamington Day! Here are seven delicious recipes that put a twist on this iconic Australian treat!

Today is National Lamington Day! Lamingtons are a classic Australian treat, despite the speculation they may have originated in New Zealand. Regardless, they are one of our nation’s favourite desserts. Even though the traditional lamington is delicious as it is, we have found some fantastic recipes that put a bit of a twist on this icon.

Lamington slice

This delicious lamington slice is almost better than the real thing! The biscuit base, the jammy centre and the chocolate and coconut on top; need I say much more than yum?!

Lemon meringue lamingtons

These lemon meringue lamingtons look divine and taste even better! The lemon icing and lemon curd centre provide a nice contrast to the sweet sponge cake and meringue, creating a delicious mash-up of two much-loved desserts!

Lamington bite

This recipe is a slightly healthier version of the lamington. It uses raw ingredients such as cacao powder and tahini. The small bite-sized pieces can also help you to control your portion size; only if you wish!

Lamington cake

This twist on the lamington sees it made as a whole cake. This recipe is very similar to cooking traditional lamingtons, only the sponge cake is not cut into smaller sections. Lamington cake is perfect for sharing with friends and family!

Fairy bread lamington

Go even more Australian by making your lamington look like fairy bread! Instead of coating your lamingtons in a chocolate icing and coconut, whip up a creamy, vanilla icing and dip them in hundreds and thousands. This recipe is sure to be a hit with the kids!

Lamington trifle

This is an indulgent treat! Instead of using regular sponge cake, this trifle recipe uses lamington cake as one of its layers. Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to cook this one though! It needs at least six hours to set in the fridge if it cannot be left overnight.

We hope you enjoy these recipes for National Lamington Day!


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