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On Butterfly Wings Teaching Resources by Stephanie Westwood

On Butterfly Wings: The Remarkable Legacy of Stephanie Westwood

On Butterfly Wings Teaching Resources
Stephanie Westwood's Journey in Education

Stephanie spent the majority of her illustrious career at Cardiff North Public School, near Newcastle in the state’s Hunter Region. Her relentless pursuit of innovation and dedication was unmistakable. Known for her sensitive and caring nature, she was adored by her students, who flourished under her guidance.

As a STEM and Year 3 and Year 4 Primary teacher, she introduced a whole generation to the fascinating worlds of robotics, coding, and even virtual reality. Furthermore, she was instrumental in establishing the STEM culture at Cardiff North. Her constant endeavours to explore and embrace technology’s vast potential were not limited to her classroom; she was always willing to share her knowledge with fellow teachers across the country and the worldwide.

Outside the school walls, Steph made waves in the world of education. Her most enduring legacy is perhaps ‘On Butterfly Wings’, a thriving network of Facebook groups that teachers worldwide rely on for resource sharing and support. Today, the group boasts a membership of more than 80,000 teachers.

Impactful Teaching Resources - On Butterfly Wings

In the realm of Australian education, a name stands out that is both inspiring and heartfelt – Stephanie Westwood, the founder of ‘On Butterfly Wings’, a beloved Primary School Teacher, a dear friend, a loved family member, and an educational resource creator for teachers worldwide. Over her 35-year teaching career, Stephanie dedicated herself to sharing wisdom, resources, and companionship with fellow educators through her impactful teaching resources and her generous online communities.

Affectionately known as Steph, she lived by the mantra “Don’t let your sparkle not shine”, an ethos that encapsulated her vibrant spirit and indefatigable passion for helping others. With a heavy heart, we note that this incredible woman left us on December 16th 2022. However, her light and influence will continue to shape the world of education.

All the team at Teacher PD were in shock hearing of the loss of such a caring, compassionate and beautiful soul. Only having the pleasure of getting to know her a few months prior we felt as though we’d know each other our whole lives. 

We were working with Steph daily up until the day before she passed. My wife and I were in hospital the day she passed, we still kept regular contact as we were in hospital at the time fight our own battle with our our daughter Poppy Grace, who had been battling a rare case of Infant Lymphoblastic Leukemia since August 2019. Our daughter Poppy Grace passed away on the 16th February 2023  at 20 months of age. Every time I now see a butterfly I think of those two, together in heaven looking shining their sparkle down on us all.  

Steph Westwood’s On Butterfly Wings was born of a simple, powerful idea – to make life easier for teachers as they plan and create resources for their classrooms. It’s a testament to her belief that teaching should be as light as a butterfly’s wings.

These resources, now available on our Teacher Professional Development resource marketplace, reflect the same love and passion that Stephanie put into her teaching. Created with the same ethos that governed her life, these materials aim to spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and instil a love for learning.

Continuing Stephanie Westwood's Legacy

With our team at Teacher Professional Development (tpd.edu.au), Stephanie was working with us for the last few months before her passing with the ultimate goal of launching all of her resources to the Australian market on Australian soil, making them more affordable for Australian teachers to be able to purchase them in AUD. Despite her absence, this mission continues. We aim to ensure that educators on Australian soil can access these resources without having to bear the burden of paying in USD, especially given the rising cost of living. Which was her goal, it was never about the money, it was always about helping others.

Her absence is deeply felt by us here at Teacher PD, and mourned by countless individuals across the globe, a testament to her profound impact.

On Butterfly Wing Resources

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