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Online Learning Tips

NSW schools have moved to online learning for the statewide lockdown so our Teacher PD family has shared its best online learning tips!

The whole state of New South Wales is now in lockdown, forcing all schools to move to online learning. For some schools and teachers in regional parts of the state where lockdowns have been a rare occurrence, online learning is still a relatively new concept. However, for plenty of other teachers, they’ve become online learning experts over the course of several weeks in lockdown. So, we put the call out to the metropolitan members of the Teacher PD family to help out our regional teachers by sharing their best online learning tips. Here are some absolutely fantastic online learning tips from those in the know.

“Use Google Drive. Students can create folders and share them with you. You will be able to see them do work in real time in class or go in and check later as the document records all edits.”

– Abi Newton

“Have a ‘What’s Cooking’ channel on your OneNote for students to share their cooking at home experiences. I had OHS guidelines that stated, ‘must participate in cooking activities under adult supervision’. It was not assessed but just a place for students to share their lockdown experience. Kids loved it and sent me breakfast photos every day and beverages by the pool!”

– Louise Harris

“I added the Mote extension to my Google Classroom. I can now send short verbal feedback in my comments, so much better than typing all day. Super easy, really quick, it’s been a game changer. Kids can also send a quick sound bite back. It seems more personal than typed responses.”

– Janine Geerin

“I have a daily check in that I made up in Google Forms. This gives me data for my roll marking. Change the questions each week. When the student checks in, I send them a message and have a ‘conversation’ through the chat option on Google Classroom.”

– Niki Jennings

“At the beginning of a lesson I share my screen in Zoom (be sure to share your computer sound). As the students enter our Zoom meeting, I have an uplifting music video playing. You can see [the students] bopping away for a couple of minutes until everyone is present.”

– Cathy Wedd

“Set an alarm! I have alarms that go off as if it were the school bell. Really helps me remember to stand up and walk away from the device (if you have a Google home device it’s under ‘family bell’).”

– Cassie Bartels

“Set up exams on Education Perfect. If you have assessments, set up a common Google document where all the students can ask questions to reduce the number of individual emails. Students can read your replies if they have the same questions.”

– Elaine Maher

“Set up exams in Google Chrome incognito window. Allows for no cheating and takes random snaps of the camera so you can see if they’re looking at other notes.”

– Alana Gear

Online learning can be difficult, but we hope these online learning tips from the Teacher PD family help to make it a little easier!


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