CAFS – Community & Family Studies

CAFS – Community & Family Studies

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Community and Family Studies Stage 6 syllabus is designed to develop in each student an understanding of the diverse nature and interdependence of families and communities within Australian society. The course enables students to plan and manage resources effectively in order to address contemporary issues facing families and communities.

The Preliminary course consists of three mandatory modules and the indicative course time allocated to their study.

The HSC course consists of three mandatory modules representing 75 per cent of course time. An options component representing 25 per cent of course time includes three modules of which students are to study only one.

Students are required to complete an Independent Research Project (IRP) in the context of the HSC core module – Research Methodology – and forms part of the HSC internal assessment. The focus of the IRP should be related to the course content of one or more of the following areas: individuals, groups, families, communities, resource management.