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Hospitality - VET

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Hospitality – VET is an engaging and practical vocational education and training subject offered in schools, designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required for successful careers in the dynamic and fast-paced field of hospitality. This subject offers students a comprehensive exploration of various aspects of the hospitality industry, including food and beverage service, accommodation operations, event management, and customer service.

In this subject, students delve into the world of hospitality, learning about the fundamental principles and practices involved in delivering exceptional customer experiences. They gain an understanding of food and beverage operations, menu planning, culinary techniques, front office procedures, and event coordination. Students also explore the importance of quality service, effective communication, and the use of technology in the hospitality industry.

Students develop essential skills relevant to the hospitality industry through practical experiences, simulated hospitality environments, and work placements. They learn to provide professional food and beverage service, operate hospitality software systems, manage reservations and bookings, and implement effective customer service strategies. Students also develop teamwork, problem-solving, and time management skills as they navigate the fast-paced and customer-focused hospitality environment.

The study of Hospitality – VET prepares students for entry-level positions within the hospitality industry and instils a strong foundation for further career development and specialisation. Students gain a deep understanding of hospitality operations, event planning, and the importance of attention to detail in delivering memorable guest experiences. They also develop valuable skills such as adaptability, cultural sensitivity, and resilience, all of which are highly valued in the hospitality sector.

Furthermore, this subject fosters an appreciation for the importance of the hospitality industry in tourism, travel, and the overall guest experience. Students learn about the economic impact of hospitality, the significance of hospitality in cultural exchange, and the role of hospitality in creating positive first impressions for visitors. They also explore the importance of sustainability and responsible practices in the hospitality industry.

The knowledge and skills acquired in Hospitality – VET enables students to pursue diverse career pathways within the hospitality industry. Students may aspire to roles such as food and beverage attendants, hotel receptionists, event coordinators, restaurant managers, or even entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector. Additionally, this subject provides a strong foundation for further study in areas such as hospitality management, tourism, event management, or culinary arts.

By studying Hospitality – VET, students develop a deep understanding of the hospitality industry’s principles, practices, and opportunities. They gain valuable skills and knowledge that prepare them for a rewarding and successful career in hospitality while also fostering an appreciation for hospitality’s crucial role in creating memorable guest experiences, promoting cultural exchange, and driving the tourism and hospitality sector’s growth.

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The Hospitality Curriculum Framework is based on qualifications and units of competency contained in the nationally endorsed SIT Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Package.

The AQF VET qualifications available in the Hospitality Curriculum Framework are:

  • SIT20316 Certificate II in Hospitality
  • SIT20416 Certificate II in Kitchen Operations
  • SIT30816 Certificate III in Commercial Cookery – Statement of Attainment only
  • SIT30916 Certificate III in Catering Operations – Statement of Attainment only.