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Use visual cues as an aid to teach students about packaging.

An informative poster that students can use as a prompt to recall their knowledge of packaging within the food industry.

Teachers discuss the 5 packaging stages with the class and use the poster as a prompt for students to reflect and provide real world examples of products at each stage of packaging.

‘Packaging Poster’ is designed to be printed A3 and displayed within the classroom as a visual aid for students to help them better understand packaging.

Pack includes:

  • 1x A3 packaging poster

File types: PDF



  • outline the functions of food packaging, for example:
    • to contain
    • to preserve
    • to inform and persuade
  • investigate suitable packaging options for a variety of food products and discuss environmental considerations

Stage 6 NSW Syllabus Food Technology 2013

Students learn about:

Packaging, storage and distribution

  • functions of packaging and types of materials available


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