All About Bees and Sheep Food Technology Research Activity

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This is a perfect resource to use on a casual day as it is heavily scaffolded with included links.

All you need is access to the Ag in a box videos on Perfect pollination and Wicked Wool and the rest is provided for you.

If you want to get super hands on there is even a section where students can partake in a honey tasting experiment in class.

After the wool research you can also do a hands on activity in class where students try lanolin.

If you do not have access to the ag in a box video this activity can be run without access aswell.


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Students take part in a research activity suitable for a double period or more. This activity has students researching all about bees, honey, pollination and wool!

Included is a bonus Honey Joys recipe as an optional activity to conduct a prac with the students following this lesson.


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