Animals, Habitats and Life Cycles for Middle Primary Students SUB PACK

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This booklet uses one of my all time favourite stories, “Lester and Clyde” by James H. Reece. A wonderful tale that explores the themes of pollution on the environment, recycling, and of course frogs.

There are resources linked to all of these ideas within the booklet.

Your students may enjoy a research project using a Webquest, or investigate how far a ‘cottonball frog’ can jump.

This resource is a time saver; there are some fabulous links for you to explore and make these units of work your own.

I have listened and created some printable worksheets for you to incorporate into your planning

☀ Frog life cycle flap book

☀ New games from Adrian Bruce at

☀ Vocabulary flap book- definitions of words, or use the word in a sentence

☀ Word Search

☀ Character, setting, problem and resolution flapbooks




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