Contemporary Nutrition Issues Health of Group Research Task

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This Contemporary Nutrition Issues Health of a Group Research Task is a wonderful resource to allow your students to independently investigate the health status of a group of people in Australia.

Students are prompted to research the overall health of a specific group in Australia and the diet related disorders they may suffer in the worksheet. They are then encouraged to brainstorm some ideas to develop strategies for better managing their health. Students also have the opportunity to be creative with this task by designing a poster to promote their strategies.

Also included in this resource are sample answers and a lesson plan with teacher instructions to ensure ease of implementation in the classroom. It may easily be shared with students digitally and students can fill in the pdf or answer the questions separately in their own Word document for easy submission.

This resource has been designed for NSW HSC Food Technology students studying the Contemporary Nutrition Issues unit and is perfect for use in an online learning setting. However, this resource can be differentiated to suit the needs of all classes.

Pack includes:

  • 1 x 4-page Health of a Group Research Task pdf worksheet.
  • 1 x Word file for students who do not have the software to fill in a pdf document.
  • Sample answers.
  • Lesson plan with teacher instructions.


Students learn to:

  • independently investigate and report on the health of a group in Australia and develop a strategy to promote optimum health through good nutrition for this group


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