Design and Technology – From Concept to Solution (Second Edition)

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Design and Technology – From Concept to Solution is an eBook designed to assist in setting out the Design and Technology portfolio for the H.S.C.major project. The introductory chapters to the book provides advice on how to go about finding a problem to research and solve.


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Design and Technology – From Concept to Solution is an eBook that has been written with the student in mind. It is filled with advice and tips designed to assist you in setting out your Design and Technology portfolio so that you cover all the essential areas of your design. The introductory chapters to the book provide advice on how to go about finding a problem to research and solve. Following this, the structure of the portfolio is looked at followed by chapters on each of the headings you should be addressing during the design and production of your major project and portfolio. It is vital that you to set out your information in a clear and logical way so the markers will find the information easily in the limited time they have to grade your work.

With 54 pages packed with content including web links, examples of student work and interesting design concepts, “Design and Technology, from concept to solution” will be an invaluable tool for your H.S.C year.

Chapters: About the Author Introduction The Major Design Project (MDP) Advice on Selecting a Possible Project Ideas General advice on how to set out your portfolio Major Design Project examination criteria

Project Proposal and Management 1.1 Identification and Exploration of a Need 1.2 Areas of Investigation 1.3 Criteria to Evaluate Success 1.4 Action, Time and Finance Plan and their application Project Development and Realisation 2.1 Evidence of creativity – ideas generation, degree of difference and exploration of existing ideas 2.2 Consideration of design factors relevant to the Major Design Project 2.3 Appropriate research and experimentation of materials, tools, techniques and testing of design solutions 2.4 Application of conclusions 2.5 Identification and justification of ideas and resources used 2.6 Use of communication and presentation techniques 2.7 Evidence and application of practical skills to produce a quality project Evaluation 3.1 Recording and application of evaluation procedures throughout the design project 3.2 Analysis and evaluation of functional and aesthetic aspects of design 3.3 Final evaluation with respect to the project’s impact on the individual, society and the environment 3.4 Relationship of the final product, system or environment to the project proposal

Useful resources H.S.C Glossary Terms Student worksheets H.S.C Practice Exam (New) Bibliography and further reading


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