Easter Counting Books 1 to 10

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Discover 11 Easter-themed counting books for numbers 1 to 10, enhancing number recognition. Students engage with numerals, words, and objects. Included are three variations of Easter Number mini-books with 10 pages for each number. These versatile resources cater to diverse learning styles and can be assembled into a customized “My Number Book.” Ideal for classroom adaptability.



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Uncover the magic of 11 enchanting Easter-themed counting books, transforming number recognition into an exciting adventure from 1 to 10. These books ignite students’ curiosity as they dive into numerals, words, and captivating objects. Dive into the treasure trove, featuring three delightful variations of Easter Number mini-books, each boasting a magnificent 10-page journey. These dynamic resources effortlessly adapt to various learning styles, allowing you to craft a tailored “My Number Book.” It’s the ultimate toolbox for classroom versatility and boundless creativity. Elevate your teaching with these captivating Easter-themed counting books today!

In this pack you will find: three variations of the Easter Number mini-books.

  • There are 10 pages for each number. This is a great resource to accommodate the different learners in your class.
  • 10 books to Read-Trace-Color and Find – the pages are complete and the students read and color.
  • 10 books to Read-Color-Cut-Paste-Trace-Find – the pages have no pictures and students can either draw the images or cut and paste the images provided.

You may choose to assemble a book with all the numbers, My number book. Select the pages from each number.


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