Essential Nutrient Poster Pack

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Essential Nutrients Poster Pack, designed for dynamic classrooms. These eye-catching, easy-to-read posters illuminate the world of essential nutrients in full colour. Elevate your teaching resources with engaging visuals that make learning about nutrition a breeze. Elevate education, one vibrant poster at a time.


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Essential Nutrient Poster Pack

Great set of posters which clearly identify the essential nutrients, their function and basic food sources. They are an invaluable teaching tool in the classroom. The Essential Nutrient Poster Pack include 9 posters. The can be organised in many ways to assist in student learning. As personal preference I have these poster printed as A3 up in the front of my room directly in the eye line of students. It is a constant reminder of the basics of nutrition and provides success for all students, regardless of their ability.

Pack include:

  • 9 x A4 posters.


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