Factors impacting on the success of design innovation

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Factors impacting on the success of innovation.


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This resource includes 9 posters in total relation to the 8 factors impacting the success of innovation, the ninth poster is handy acronym to assist students in remembering the 8 factors of innovation.

This resource directly relates to:

H3.1 Analyses the factors that influence innovation and the success of innovation

Students learn about:

  • Factors that impact on success of innovation including: timing, available and emerging technologies, historical and cultural, political, economic, legal factors and marketing strategies.
  • The role of a variety of agencies that may impact upon the success of the innovation.

Students learn to:

  • Differentiate between factors which have contributed to the success or failure of innovations.
  • Describe the role of a variety of agencies that influence the development, implementation and acceptance of innovation.


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