Fitness Circuit Station cards – 36 PE gym activities: Primary & secondary school

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36 PE Fitness Circuit station cards for primary & secondary school sport activities (+videos)


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The Fitness Circuit cards pack is a must have for your school sport lessons. Suitable for prep- year 8, these exercise cards cover the 6 components of fitness necessary to keep your students healthy and active: Core, flexibility & balance, stamina, leg strength, arm strength, and whole body exercise

1. 36 energetic station cards
› Simply print out (and laminate) the cards (A4 or A5), choose the circuit activities, and put them out around the sports hall. Minimal equipment is required, (at most a few balls, hoop & bench) so the setup of your lesson is so simple!
› Divide the class equally at the stations and have them work for 45-60 seconds (you can play some loud, energizing music!). Blow your whistle and the students can then record their personal scores before rotating around to the next station (30 second rest period). Depending on your planned time for the lesson, students can go around the circuit twice or even 3 times.
Exercises: • ball twists • bicycles • crunches • side scissors • toe reaches • wind-wipers • crab kicks • hand walks • ski hops • star stretches • superman • 1-foot reaches • mountain climbs • plank • side plank • skipping • sprinting • wall sit • box jumps • frog jumps • hoop jumps • pistol squats • side lunges • surf switches • arm circles • bench dips • bunny hops • push ups • punches • wall push offs • airplane lunges • burpees • jumping jacks • knee ups • sumo kicks • squat & push

2. Online video demonstration support
You’ll be given access to an instructional video for each activity (private YouTube videos). Play the video stations you’ll be doing for that session, so they’ll be prepared and know what to do when they get going around the circuits in the hall.

3. Fitness testing sheets
You can print out the circuit scoring sheets for students to individually record their results/points at each activity. They can then track and compare their results term to term and see how they have improved.

Bonus posters
As extra content, I’ve put together 6 high-quality posters, 1 for each fitness component, showing the activities. These can be printed A4 or even A3 for you to put up around your classroom or gym area.

I know you’ll love these circuit station task cards – If you are a teacher at primary or secondary school, you need these task cards to help keep your students healthy and active, and they’re great anytime of the year.


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