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Make your students Additive Experts with this resource pack!

This resource includes an additive hunt activity followed by a group additive expert task.

Students identify additive types from a range of common food packaging and tally their findings. Following this a whole class discussion can be facilitated based on what they discover.

Students will have the opportunity to investigate specific additives in an expert task and report their findings back to their peers. Students will record information provided by their peers to have a comprehensive summary of common food additives.

Pack includes:

  • 16 Specific Additive Cards for student groups
  • 11 Additive Type Board Labels
  • 3 Page Teacher Instructions and Suggestions for use
  • 2 Page Additive Expert Task Worksheet
  • 2 Page Additive Summary Worksheet

This resource can be differentiated at the discretion of the classroom teacher based on the needs of students.

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Relevant to:

NSW Food Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus 2019

Food Product Development

  • investigate the role of food additives in food processing


NSW Food Technology Stage 6 Syllabus

Food Manufacture

Students Learn about

  • role of food additives in the manufacturing process


Western Australia Year 12 Syllabus Food Science and Technology

Unit 4 – The future of food

Properties of food

  • factors that impact on the properties of food

– additives – thickeners, anti-caking agents, humectants, colourings and flavourings,

preservatives, and artificial sweeteners

QLD Food & Nutrition 2019 General Senior Syllabus

Relevant to these dot points

  • reviewing the food processing techniques used to control the accessibility and the consumability of food sources, including: application of cold by chilling, freezing, freeze-drying; application of heat by blanching, boiling, braising; evaporation; pasteurisation; canning/bottling; ultra-high temperature (UHT); dehydration; change of pH through the addition of acid and alkali; and additives, e.g. salt, antioxidants
  • explaining the cooking and processing techniques used to improve the palatability of protein-based foods, including: canning; dehydration; change of pH through the addition of acid and alkali; additives, e.g. salt, antioxidants; physical manipulation, e.g. tenderisation, aeration; and application of heat, e.g. grilling, roasting, poaching, braising and frying

VCE Food Studies Syllabus

Unit 2 Food Makers

  • the structure and purpose of the Food Standards Code, including use of food additives and food labelling regulations


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    We used this for celebrity heads! So much fun!

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