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A fun twist on the engaging game ‘Celebrity Heads’.

A great activity to play with your students to using  24 career ‘Celebrity Head’ cards from all four sectors of the Australian Food Industry. You can use this game with your HSC students to introduce this topic, or as a revision game.

Either play with  3 students at the front with the whole class or split the class into 4 groups and play mini games.
When the game is complete, students will be able to complete the worksheet to ensure they move the information from surface knowledge into deep knowledge.

Pack includes: 

  • 24 x Career cards
  • 1 x Student worksheet which can be photocopied and shared with students.
  • 1 x Instruction sheet
  • 1 x Score card

Created to directly meet the Stage 6 Food Technology syllabus dot point:

  • explain career opportunities and working conditions, including gender issues within the Australian food industry

To play, simply select 3 students to be ‘in’. Have them stand in front of the whiteboard or against a blank wall and blu-tak the laminated sheets above their heads out of their view.

Students will have the opportunity to ask yes or no questions, which the rest of the class can answer. They will take it in turns from left to right, unless someone asks a yes question, then they get an extra turn which continues until they get a no.

Before beginning it would be useful to have a class brainstorm about the type of meaningful questions, they could ask to reveal the food career.

Some starting questions might be:

  • Do I work in the food retail sector?
  • Does this career require you to have a degree before beginning employment?
  • Does this job have unusual working conditions, such as working in cold temperatures?
  • Do you need any special machine licences to work in this industry?
  • Is this a career that uses advanced technology?



Relevant to:

Meets the syllabus dot point from the NSW Food Technology Stage 6 Syllabus:

  • explain career opportunities and working conditions, including gender issues within the Australian food industry

Contributes to meeting the outcome:

H1.4    evaluates the impact of the operation of an organisation within the Australian food industry on the individual, society and environment


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    ELLIE SINGLETON (Verified user)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Loved it! My students loved it and using it made the learning process super fun!

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