Hospitality – Use food preparation equipment (SITHCCC001)

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Motivate and inspire your students to perform outcomes, skills, and knowledge necessary to safely use and operate commercial equipment while preparing and presenting various food types.

An explicit teaching and learning program (37 pages) has been developed linking both the training package requirements and NESA Syllabi points. (*Note-If you are not from NSW it is easily adapted, I have provided an MS Word version to edit).

There are over 34 different resources included in this download. Various recipes, activities, experiments, games, and review questions are included to encourage knowledge retention and to cater for all learning styles. These are linked to not only the food types and their preparation (dairy products, dough, dry goods, fruit, meat, pastry, poultry, seafood, and vegetables), but also demonstrate knowledge and understanding in characteristics, indicators of freshness and quality, use in recipes, preparation requirements, effects of different cookery methods and safe handling and storage.

A 22-page booklet has been created to build students’ knowledge and understanding in some hands-on activities and experiments on general food items (batters, coatings, condiments and flavours, garnishes, oils, and sauces).

Check out the resources for yourself.

Resource #1 Program – Use food preparation equipment (37 pages)

Resource #2 Recipe Samosas (Curry Puffs)

Resource #3 PMI Chart Graphic

Resource #4 Recipe – Chilli lime chicken tacos with pineapple salsa

Resource #5 Poster – HACCP introduction

Resource #6 Bookmark – HACCP (Print 4 per page and back to back)

Resource #7 Poster – Food types & their preparation (Print A3 or A4)

Resource #8 SRC – Sweet potato crusted quiche

Resource #9 Standard Recipe Card (SRC) template

Resource #10 Worksheet – Measure Up

Resource #11 FIFO activity & instructions – cut out templates (20 pages)

Resource #12 Booklet – Food types & their preparation (14 pages)

Resource #13 Booklet – General food items (22 pages)

Resource #14 PDF Presentation Garnishes and activity – Interactive weblink is in the teaching program.

Resource #15 Booklet – Knife Safety (8 pages)

Resource #16 Knife types – Activity (cut out)

Resource #17 Poster Knife Sharpening Techniques

Resource #18 Hygiene Crossword and answer sheet

Resource #19 Bookmark Checklist – cleanliness Of equipment (Print 4 per page and back to back)

Resource #20 Poster – Cleaning & Sanitising

Resource #21 Bingo icons

Resource #22 Game – Utensil Bingo (20 different playing cards) (Print 2 per page)

Resource #23 Activity – Equipment quest

Resource #24 Printing Instructions – Lucky dip

Resource #25 Lucky Dip Equipment

Resource #26 Booklet – Precision Cuts + Posters (11 pages)

Resource #27 Dip recipes

Resource #28 Bookmark – Precision cuts summary (Print 4 per page and back to back)

Resource #29 Puzzle – Cuts Of Meat

Resource #30 Posters – Environment (Print A3 or A4)

Resource #31 Poster – FIFO (Print A3 or A4)

Resource #32 Labels – Discard product

Resource #33 Posters – Garbage bins (Print A3 or A4)

Resource #34 Program (Word)

2 reviews for Hospitality – Use food preparation equipment (SITHCCC001)

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    Marie Comino-Gartrell (Verified user)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Thank you for creating these wonderful and informative resources. They are brillant.

    • Teacher PD (store manager)

      We’re so happy to hear you’re loving the Hospitality – Use food preparation equipment resource, Marie. Thank you for your kind review, have a great day!

  2. (2)

    Donna Nevell (Verified user)

    auNew South Wales, Australia

    Excellent program.

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