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HSC Food Product Development Revision Pack – Digital

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HSC Food Product Development Revision Pack – Digital

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Product Description

Help your students excel with this comprehensive Food Product Development revision pack.

Get your students ready for the HSC Food Technology Exam with this broad revision resource. The content may be studied in class or at home as the resources can be shared digitally with students.

This revision pack is designed to assist HSC students to understand and revise content for: 9.3 Food Product Development.

This comprehensive pack which includes a PowerPoint presentation that includes information and questions on all syllabus dot points, using many examples that students can use to revise content for the exam. The questions are deconstructed so that students can make sense of the HSC style questions. The marking criteria is also deconstructed so that students can see how to answer questions accurately. The questions include a variety of short responses, multiple choices, and an extended response opportunity with a scaffold to assist students with completion.

All questions and marking criteria have been written in HSC style, but are not from previous papers. The beauty of this is that students cannot simply google the answers, they will have to apply their knowledge.


  • 65 slide PowerPoint presentation with deconstructed questions and marking criteria.
  • 12-page student workbooklet to attempt all 31 questions.
  • 15-page teacher answer booklet and marking criteria.

Relevant to:


Factors which impact on food product development

  • external factors (macro-environment) that impact on food product development, including the:
    • economic environment
    • political environment
    • ecological environment
    • technological environment
  • internal factors (micro-environment) that impact on food product development, including:
    • personnel expertise
    • production facilities
    • financial position

Reasons for and types of food product development

  • drivers of the development of food products:
    • market concerns such as health, dietary considerations and the environment
    • consumer demands such as convenience foods and cost
    • societal changes including increasing ageing population, single person households and longer working hours
    • technological developments such as processing equipment and packaging materials
    • company profitability such as increasing market share
  • types of food product development:
    • line extensions
    • me toos
    • new to world

Steps in food product development

  • design brief based on project aims and development criteria:
    • idea generation and screening
    • market research
    • product specifications
    • feasibility study
    • production process development
    • development of a prototype
    • testing product prototype, eg sensory evaluation, consumer testing, packaging tests, storage trials

Marketing plans

  • product planning
  • price structure
  • place and distribution system
  • promotional program


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