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HSC Food Tech Internal Factors Pt 3 – Digital

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HSC Food Tech Internal Factors Pt 3 – Digital

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Product Description

Part 3 of a 4 part series!

This narrated video and worksheet are designed to assist students to understand how internal factors impact Food Product Development in 2020.

A critical resource to help Year 12 Food Technology students make sense of how internal factors affect food product development. Students can watch the narrated video in their own time from home, or in a lesson at school having unlimited access to it for future study.

The video assists students to answer the 5-page worksheet and gives them explicit current examples that may help them remember this content for the HSC exam. It looks specifically at how McDonalds Australia approaches internal factors of personnel expertise, production facilities, financial position and company image in 2020.

The resource also includes an extended response opportunity with a scaffold so students can draw upon prior knowledge from Part 2 considering how to answer an analyse question successfully. This document also has a recap of how McDonald’s responds to all factors of the macro and micro environment presented in a graphic organiser so that students may retain the information.

This resource also includes a 5 page scenario activity for students to complete on a variety of fictional companies.

The digital download includes a link to a 22-minute video on Vimeo. Students will be given the link on the worksheet with a password to access it. They can then make their way through the 5-page worksheet. It also contains a PowerPoint of the information in case you would like to present this in class.

Included in this digital download is a teacher answer sheet to the student worksheet which may help with providing extra assistance. There are no teacher answer sheets for the extended response or the scenario activity as student answers will vary greatly. This resource is part 3 of a 4-part series.

Pack includes:

  • 24 x PowerPoint presentation slides
  • 1 x Analyse extended response question with suggestions and a recap summary on McDonald’s response to internal and external factors.
  • 1 x 5-page PDF/ Word Student worksheet
  • 1 x 22-minute video (link provided in worksheet)
  • 1 x Teacher suggested answer sheet for the 5-page student worksheet above.
  • 1 x 5-page student scenario activity sheet.


Relevant to:



H1.3 justifies processes of food product development and manufacture in terms of market, technological and environmental considerations


Students Learn About:

Factors which impact on food product development

  • internal factors (micro-environment) that impact on food product development, including:
  • personnel expertise
  • production facilities
  • financial position
  • company image

Students learn to:

  • analyse commercial practices in terms of a food company’s response to the macro and micro environments


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Digital File Type: PDF (Acrobat) Document File, Microsoft Word Document, Video Link


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