Kitchen Orientation and Safety

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Why not update your classroom with 16 detailed posters to emphasise the importance of safety and hygiene practices in the kitchen. This pack includes a 12-page student workbook to review students’ knowledge, skill and understanding with a range of numeracy and literacy tasks. Not to mention the games to further enhance these teaching strategies with Bingo, Scattegories and Equipment Quest.

These bright and colourful posters (16) will not only educate your students by encouraging them to develop and extend healthy hygiene practices, but also to approach each practical lesson in a safe manner. These posters will educate your students on personal, food and environmental hygiene and safety in the kitchen, accurate measuring, PPE, knife safety to just name a few.

A student workbook has been developed to review a number of literacy and numeracy activities for students to engage in to increase their confidence in the learning journey in Food Technology or Hospitality



  • 12-page Student workbook (Word and PDF)
  • Bingo – 20 playing cards and instructions to extend learning
  • Poster – Classroom expectations
  • Poster – Clean as you go
  • Poster – Clean up procedure (Word and PDF)
  • Poster – Personal hygiene
  • Poster – Food hygiene
  • Poster – Environmental hygiene
  • Game – Equipment Quest (Word and PDF)
  • Game – Food Scattegories (Word and PDF)
  • Poster – Handwashing procedure
  • Poster – Knife safety
  • Poster – Microwave safety
  • Laser image – Dish of the day
  • Award – Dish of the day
  • Poster – motivational
  • Poster – PPE
  • Poster – safe footwear
  • Signage – Caution hot surface
  • Signage – Measuring cups, jugs, newspaper, placemats
  • Poster – Student connections
  • Poster – accurate measuring
  • Practical mark sheets (Word and PDF)
  • Award – Perfecting Portfolio

Relevant to:

Certificate II Hospitality SIT20316

Certificate II Kitchen Operations SIT20416

NSW Food Technology Stage 6 2013

NSW Food Technology Stage 5 2019

NSW Technology Mandatory – Agriculture and Food Technologies