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Facing challenges with students not cleaning up effectively after practical lessons? I’ve been in your shoes! Dive into my specialised poster pack. But here’s the good news: I’ve crafted the ultimate solution just for you. I employ these tactics daily in my classroom to guarantee a prompt, comprehensive clean-up. These strategies not only expedite the process but also highlight the indispensable elements of hygiene and safety in any kitchen setting.


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Setting Clear Expectations: Begin by clearly conveying clean-up expectations to students before the practical lesson starts. Stress the significance of maintaining hygiene and ensuring safety in a commercial kitchen.

Assigned Roles for Efficiency: Designate specific roles to students for clean-up, including the likes of Floor Patrol, Dish Detectives, Sanitiser Boss, Shoe Sheriff, Bling Patrol, Cool Down Crew, and Laundry Leaders, among others. This structured approach smoothens the clean-up process and ensures every task is addressed efficiently.

Posters displayed around the kitchen are a great visual reminder detailing each role and can act as a handy guide for students. These reinforce the need for adhering to stringent safety and hygiene standards. Such an approach fosters peer accountability and cultivates an atmosphere of mutual respect, teamwork, and responsibility, where students motivate and remind their peers to fulfill their duties.


This pack includes:

  • Kitchen Task Force (23 chore posters)– This set features 23 distinct roles and responsibilities for students to complete in practical lessons, this ensures clean-up is effective and hygiene and safety is adhered to. You could pre-assign roles before students enter the classroom or for a fun twist offer a ‘lucky dip’ option for students to select a card. I have these printed on A3 paper, cut and laminated in my classroom.
  • Detailed printing guidelines and images in how to print these posters 3 per sheet on A3 paper for example are included in this pack.
  • Personalised student name tags (9 tag designs) – Provide students with a bright and colourful name tag, this template is easy to type in any name of choice. These are great for students to place on their plate presentation to take a photo with. This ensures you know whose plate is whose and can allocate marks accordingly.
  • Kitchen bay signage (Set includes 12 posters) – This helps label each bay, so students know exactly what number each bay is and avoids confusion.
  • Hygiene and safety poster pack (8 Posters) – This is a great visual reminder for students and enforces the need to be safe and hygienic in our preparation and presentation of menu items.
  • Clean as you go: Keep the Bay Clean
  • Bay Safety First: Keep hot items away from the edge.
  • Wash & Dry: Clean and dry all items before returning them.
  • Measure twice, pour once: double check measurements for accuracy.
  • Temperature Checks: Ensure ovens and hotplates are turned off after use.
  • Spills & Thrills: Wipe up any spills immediately to avoid accidents.
  • Stay Sharp: Handle knives and sharp tools with care.
  • Time Management: Set timers; always watch the clock.

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