Meal Log 15-Day Challenge

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Meal Log 15-Day Challenge. A personalised way for students to identify nutrients and reflect on their own diet.


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Meal Log 15-Day Challenge. A personalised way for students to identify nutrients and reflect on their own diet.

Embark on a transformative journey with the Meal Log 15-Day Challenge – an innovative tool tailor-made for the evolving world of food technology. Through a hands-on, personalised approach, students not only engage with their daily diet but also delve deep into understanding the nutrient content of the foods they consume.

Key Features:

Personalised Learning Journey: Students track their real-world eating habits over a span of 15 days. This immersive experience ensures a direct connection between theory and practice, a cornerstone of the food technology syllabus.

Nutrient Exploration: After recording their meals, students embark on a categorisation activity. This allows them to pinpoint and identify the types of nutrients they’ve been consuming, transforming abstract concepts into tangible insights.

Reflective Learning: The included Food Technology Worksheet reflection encourages students to analyse and understand their dietary choices. This reflection acts as a bridge, connecting their 15-day dietary journey to the broader concepts of food technology.

Engagement at Its Best: By placing students at the helm of their learning journey, this challenge ensures they’re not just passive learners. Instead, they actively engage, ensuring a deeper understanding of the nutrients in various foods, a vital component of any food technology lesson plan.

Pack Includes:

  • 15-Day Meal Log: A structured format for students to diligently record their dietary intake.
  • Categorisation Activity: A Food Technology Worksheet for students to classify and understand the nutrient profile of their meals.
  • Food Technology Worksheet Reflection: A guided reflection tool allowing students to ponder, introspect, and derive insights from their 15-day challenge.
  • Video link: On how to complete pdf with Adobe Acrobat (10-minute video)

Dive deep into the nuances of the food technology syllabus with this interactive challenge. By blending the theoretical aspects of food technology worksheets with practical, real-world application, the ‘Meal Log 15-Day Challenge’. Equip your students with this challenge today and watch them transform into informed, reflective, and proactive learners in the realm of food technology!

Relevant to:

Stage 4 Technology Mandatory Syllabus 7-8 2017

  • investigate the characteristics and properties of a variety of nutritious foods, for example: CT
    – high in fibre, eg fruits and vegetables
    – high in protein, eg meat and meat alternatives
  • explore the nutritional needs of a group of people, eg adolescents, toddlers CT
  • acquire and interpret data, for example: (ACTDIP025, ACTDIP026) CT ST
    – local environmental and/or physical conditions, eg rainfall, temperature
    – nutrition information panels, eg saturated fat, sugar content

Life Skills – Stage 4 Technology Mandatory Syllabus 7-8 2017 

  • identify nutritional needs for groups of people, eg adolescents, toddlers
  • recognise and interpret data related to food production, eg nutritional information panels

Stage 5 Food Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus 2019

› communicates ideas and information using a range of media and appropriate terminology FT5-9

› collects, evaluates and applies information from a variety of sources FT5-8

› justifies food choices by analysing the factors that influence eating habits FT5-7

Life Skills – Stage 5 Food Technology Years 7-10 Syllabus 2019

› recognises the nutritional value of food items FTLS-3

Australian Curriculum – Design and Technologies Year 7 & 8

Year 7 & 8

Analyse how characteristics and properties of food determine preparation techniques and presentation when designing solutions for healthy eating (ACTDEK033)

Year 9 & 10

Investigate and make judgements on how the principles of food safety, preservation, preparation, presentation and sensory perceptions influence the creation of food solutions for healthy eating (ACTDEK045)


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