Nutrition Escape Room

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Use this escape room as an introduction to a food technology course or at the conclusion of the term. Helps to foster team building and problem solving skills.


Students read an instruction sheet that introduces them to the escape room back story. They arrive at school to learn that their teacher has been suffering from a mysterious nutritional deficiency. They find a book in the library on nutrition, but the page with the ingredients they need to cure their teacher has been ripped out. They must solve puzzles and riddles in the book to find what they need to cure their teacher!

Students use a response booklet to record their answers to the puzzles/riddles as they complete each task given to them by the teacher.


Pack includes:

  • Detailed teacher instructions for preparing the tasks and facilitating the escape room
  • Student instructions for each of the six tasks
  • All the materials students need for each station (mazes, pictogram puzzle cards, jigsaw puzzles, spelling search card, riddle, student instruction cards)
  • A student answer booklet where the group can record the ingredients they find.
  • A teacher answer key you can use to check the work to determine the winner.


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    Kendall BRIGGS (Verified user)

    High quality, easy to use resource that students enjoyed!

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