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Online Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully

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Textiles Marketing Strategies – Digital
Fabric Colouration & Manipulation Technique Manual – Digital
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Online Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully

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Experience Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully without having to leave your computer screen. We’ve put together a live recording of the course so you feel like you’re in the room. Enjoy the experience of being at the course from the comfort of your own home or workplace. You receive all the live videos, resources, PowerPoint slides and everything you need to teach Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully in an engaging way.

Food Technology at the HSC level can be an enriching experience for you and your students. As a university lecturer and teacher of this subject I can provide you with some tips and strategies to push your students to the next level.

Australian Food Industry, Food Manufacture, Food Product Development, Contemporary Nutrition Issues and exam preparation techniques and resources will all be provided in this practical application based course. Walk away with resources, ideas and strategies to teach HSC Food Technology to students of all learning abilities.


This course is fantastic for teachers who are teaching HSC Food Technology for the first time, or teachers who wish to enhance their strategies for teaching HSC Food Technology successfully in NSW.


Resources included:

  • Australian Food Industry Case Study
  • Contemporary Nutrition Issues outcome task
  • Food Manufacturing assessment task
  • Dedicated Youtube channel for HSC Food Tech resource videos
  • Visual study cards
  • Key Term writing scaffolds
  • Exam Preparation Techniques ideas
  • Auditory study files for students to listen to
  • Plus many more

Please note: This course does not include units or programs.


4.0 hours

Delivery Format

Online – at your own pace


Completing Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully will contribute 4 hours of NESA Registered PD addressing 2.1.2 and 6.2.2, from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

2.1.2 Proficient Level – Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities.
6.2.2 Proficient Level – Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities.


Please be advised: This is a live recording of the course, we have taken precautions to try and provide quality audio and video. However, please be mindful there may be areas of this course where the audio needs to be adjusted.

32 reviews for Online Teaching HSC Food Technology Successfully

  1. Michelle Churchill, Shoalhaven High (verified owner)

    I haven’t taught HSC Food Tech for a long time so this was an amazing refresher.

  2. Melinda Barrett, Wadalba Community School (verified owner)

    I found it insightful not only for senior food tech. but also for the majority of senior students in terms of studying for the HSC. I thought the resources provided are a great starting point, without copying, to help our students get the most out of the course. I enjoyed the self paced way that I could stop and start and take notes as I went.

  3. rachel job, tumut high school

    Engaging up to date

  4. Adam Dukes, Canterbury Boys High School (verified owner)

  5. Linda Barnes, Alesco Illawarra

    Great resources. Some really helpful ideas for teaching HSC.

  6. Bernadette Birmingham, Macintyre HS (verified owner)

    Teaching strategies fantastic & agree, if the kids have fun there’s more chance they’ll remember

  7. Donna Kouwenhoven, Chatham High (verified owner)

    Almost as good as being there. :)With things deteriorating at the time of enrolling in regards to Covid , I chose this option ( turned out it was the only option) because I was worried about travelling to Sydney and possibly being exposed to the virus. This means of delivery certainly suits the health crisis at the moment and may continue to be very successful in the future! Thanks for all the wonderful resources, Regards Donna

  8. Sarah Hasman, Marist Eastwood College (verified owner)

    The course provided me with up to date resources as well as new teaching strategies to use with my class.

  9. Ann Balaam, GLC Senior/Tuncurry (verified owner)

    It is a little difficult to work along online when you don’t have a copy of the participants pack exactly as it is being referred to. Could this be added as an option to have one posted out at an extra fee when we do an online course?

  10. Suzanne Di Rosario , Canterbury Girls (verified owner)

    I love the online format. I could pause to take notes and look things up. It took me two days though- lol

  11. Jillian Soderlund, Peel High Schol (verified owner)

  12. Kristina Vukovic, The Ponds High School (verified owner)

  13. Jennifer Mckay, Wagga Wagga Christian College (verified owner)

    It was great to see different ideas that can be used in the classroom. I teach a joint year 11/12 class, so knowing i was making the right links etc was great. I also do similar things with the syllabus dot points with Landline episodes … they link to all aspects of the HSC course. I also map questions from each dot point after each HSC exam and give this to each new HSC class. Prac lessons also good reference points. Knowing my assessment tasks are in line with what was presented in this course was also reassuring.

  14. Kara Osborne, Cardiff High School (verified owner)

    Excellent resources and many videos and podcasts

  15. Shakti Maforimbo, Norwest Christian College (verified owner)

    This course was excellent.

  16. amanda ridgewell, Byron Bay HS (verified owner)

  17. Susan Bodiam, Macquarie Anglican Grammar (verified owner)

    Very useable

  18. Liz Robertson, Model farms High School (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed the format of the course I spent the day watching all the videos and going back and forth. Carly you are so engaging and I have learnt so much that I care share with my kiddies. Thankyou thankyou!!

  19. Nicole Simpson, Tweed River High (verified owner)

    Lots of new and interesting ideas to incorporate into my lessons.

  20. Michelle Mills , Gulargambone Central School

    Fabulous presentation and excellent resources, very useful

  21. Lyndall West, Riverstone High (verified owner)

    A very comprehensive look at the HSC course. After 20 years of not teaching Stage 6, this is a valuable refresher with lots of engaging resources

  22. Danielle Woollam, Rouse Hill Anglican College (verified owner)

    great resources

  23. Jacqueline Meacham, Batemans Bay High School (verified owner)

  24. Michele Draper, Katoomba High (verified owner)

    Contained a wealth of valuable content and teaching ideas

  25. Catherine James, Endeavour Sports/Cronulla High (verified owner)

  26. Melissa Saffy, Ariah Park Central School (verified owner)

  27. Sue Smedley, Wagga Wagga Christian College

    As a first time teacher of this course the resources were invaluable. Previously I taught Ag and Science and felt at times out of my depth teaching HSC Food Tech before finding this resource. I have a lot to learn and I appreciate the direction given during this course.

  28. Paulina Faustorilla, Cheltenham Girls High School (verified owner)

    Great course and quality recording. In future, could hard copies of the resources be mailed to the participant? Would be easier to follow along when watching online.

  29. Gregory Woods, Toormina High (verified owner)

    Very informative, well-structured and resourced. Only negative, I was unable to find the nutrition booklet for the last module?

  30. Melissa Gerace, Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield (verified owner)

    The online course is set so it can be completed at your own pace. I was able to access each unit prior to teaching it and plan my lessons out easier.

  31. Alana Wykes, Rutherford Technology High School (verified owner)

  32. Raelene Boyd, Macarthur Adventist College (verified owner)

    At the course being filmed, it would be brilliant if Carly referred to the documents she handed out by the names they are saved with in the “One Drive”. It is fine for a F2F course but when you are online it is hard to work out which document she is talking about to start with. I wasted lots of time and had to keep stopping the video to try and see the document she was talking about. I worked it out by the time we got to Video 2 but it was a lot of wasted time.

    I love Carly’s presentations, the interactivity and loads of ideas, and I am grateful to have attended one of them – Captivate Yr 10. My school encourages online courses mostly so I am working through them. That’s why I chose this one.

    The resources are fantastic – thank you.

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