Operations with Decimals, Math Worksheets with Answer Key

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Embark on a comprehensive journey through the world of decimals with our meticulously designed math worksheets.


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Table of Contents:

  1. Number Lines with Decimals: Lay a foundation for understanding decimal placement with interactive number line exercises.
  2. Expanded Form with Decimals: Explore the intricacies of decimals in expanded form, enhancing comprehension and numerical representation.
  3. Comparing Decimals: Sharpen your ability to discern decimal values through detailed comparisons.
  4. Ordering Decimals: Navigate through decimal sequences, learning the art of arranging numbers in ascending or descending order.
  5. Converting Decimals to Percents: Unravel the relationship between decimals and percentages, mastering the art of conversion.
  6. Converting Percents to Decimals: Reverse the process and convert percentages back into decimals with precision.
  7. Converting Decimals to Fractions: Grasp the conversion between decimals and fractions, expanding your mathematical toolkit.
  8. Converting Fractions to Decimals: Explore the reciprocal conversion, developing a holistic understanding of decimal and fractional relationships.
  9. Adding Decimals: Dive into addition with decimals, mastering the intricacies of precision in decimal arithmetic.
  10. Adding Decimals – Multiple Addends: Elevate your skills by tackling addition with multiple decimal addends, refining your ability to handle complex equations.
  11. Subtracting Decimals: Navigate through subtractive operations with decimals, ensuring precision and accuracy.
  12. Multiplying Decimals: Embark on a journey into multiplication with decimals, fostering proficiency in decimal multiplication.
  13. Dividing Decimals by Whole Numbers: Delve into the realm of division, mastering the nuanced process of dividing decimals by whole numbers.

Answer Key Included: Rest assured, each worksheet is accompanied by a comprehensive Answer Key, offering immediate feedback and facilitating self-assessment. This invaluable resource allows learners to track their progress, reinforce their understanding, and gain confidence in their mastery of decimal operations. Dive into the world of decimals with clarity and precision, equipped with the tools needed for mathematical success.


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